Client Testimonials

Service Dogs of New Mexico Client Testimonials

Read what some of our clients have said about SDNM:

Melanie Hubka and Jamami

I am the mother of a 6-year-old adopted little boy that has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, PTSD, ADHD and Autism. I have spent a lot of time researching how a service dog could help my son, however in doing that research it was becoming very evident to me that there was no way we could afford to get him a service dog as the prices were completely out of reach like in the tens of thousands of dollars. I didn't give up because I knew there had to be a way. I came across Service Dogs of New Mexico their rates were very reasonable and I couldn't have been more impressed with them when I spoke to them on the phone. They are a truly passionate organization that goes above and beyond to find you the right dog and to train you and provide you with every bit of information you need pertaining to owning a service dog. Bennie the owner and Rishard the trainer are beyond amazing at what they do. I couldn't be happier that I came across this organization. Their prices are absolutely reasonable, and worth absolutely every penny. They are trustworthy and honest unlike some of the other agencies out there. If you are looking for a service dog and are ready to put the time and effort into training the dog with the trainer and being consistent with training your dog in between your weekly sessions, this is the organization for you. My 6-year old has and his service dog are so connected it amazes me on a daily basis. He is very into training her and she responds to him better than I would have ever thought possible. Service dogs of New Mexico did a great job in finding my son a dog. WAY TO GO! Thank you for caring as much as you do and finding my kiddo a great dog. I will be eternally grateful.

Lawrence and Brenda Garcia

Update: Our last pup from the Fiyero X Bulsara litter was donated to Service Dogs of NM and Brenda and I can't wait to see him used to be a blessing to many. If you love dogs please check out this organization that does so much for so many. Training service dogs to be placed with those with disabilities and Veterans is just the tip of the iceberg.

Kirsty White and her service dog, Boss

We brought Boss all the way from 1 Lucky Dog Rescue in Miami, Florida just for Kristy. He is the most amazing dog. Kristy says 'Yeah we all love him he roles in the grass with my 3 year grandson sleeps under my 6 week old granddaughter crib at night he was the one that alert us that she had stop breathing 2 weeks ago he is our hero.' What a beautiful story. It was worth the trip. Thanks to Kindred Hearts Transport.

Laurie Seligman

Service Dogs of New Mexico begins with mandatory classroom time, explaining what service animals must do in public, what the ADA laws are, how to keep your animal safe should you become separated and is very thorough in educating the handler. The organization caters strongly to veterans, is a small family owned organization and is fiercely loyal to participants. The authenticity, care and availability make the difficulty people must live with so much more manageable. The training offered is not simply basic obedience, but also pinpoints what is needed to address the handler’s disability. Having direct experience with Bennie Jean and her trainers has helped Pip and I to deal with the challenges I face and created a level of confidence that I cannot do on my own. Very unique.

Paula L. Glover

USAF (retired)

I met Bennie Muliere a year ago at a park event dedicated to dogs. I was invited to a restaurant in Rio Rancho for an Orientation to help train any dog to be a Service Dog. It was so informative and an eye opening experience to learn about my rights as a 100% disabled Vietnam Veteran with PTSD. I also learned the rights and responsibilities to share with my friend. She explained the Federal and ADA laws in regards to Service Dogs and how those laws would help me live a more independent life. There would be weeks of training to ensure our service dogs would support and be true to our needs. We met at locations all over the city. There were trainers and support staff watching to make certain our behavior was in keeping with a pleasant society. There was no barking or inappropriate actions of the service dogs in training. We were tested in open and populated areas to complicate our dogs with obstacles and distractions. We passed.  We were invited to the Training Center in Sandia Park. I have referred this Organization to many people and I wholeheartedly recommend this training for all who have a need for a Service Dog.

Erica Grant

Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court

What an amazing organization you are! The way in which you work tirelessly to heal Veterans and dogs in need is beautiful! Thank you for your care, compassion, and most of all, for modeling what it truly means to 'give unto others.' You are appreciated.

Ken Shaw

Bennie, both you and your work/service are AMAZING! A gift to us all, not just to your clients. The world is better off when your clients get the services and experience the growth you provide. Bless you!

Chaz Kraznak

I am happy to see all the pibbles they work with. Veterans and others who need a service dog would be well served to get with this fine organization.

Dee Constantine

I have my service dog but if I ever need another one, I will contact you.  She is a bull terrier pitbull mix she is my heart.

Jan DiMaggio

Service Dogs of New Mexico is amazing! They go above and beyond to provide service dogs to not only our Veterans but to others in need of a service dog. They are totally and completely devoted to their mission!!"