Those who have helped us with one-time projects and those with us for the longer term. They help make Service Dogs of New Mexico a success, thereby optimizing outcomes with everyone participating in our programs.

Loni Crowder

Loni has worked in of Social Work and Special Education for over 20 years. She has volunteered with various animal rescue group for nearly as long. She is currently volunteering with Service Dogs of New Mexico in fund raising, with the ultimate goal of becoming a certified service dog trainer. She enjoys making and selling beaded jewelry and loves spending time with her rescue dogs Winnie and Dorothy.

Sharon Emery

As an entrepreneur with her own business for 20 years, Sharon works with people from all walks of life with various challenges. She's had rescue dogs most of her life and believes in lending a helping hand to those needing 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th chances to improve their daily lives.

Sharon is devoted to helping others and sees it as everyone's duty to bring out the best in others. In volunteering with Service Dogs of New Mexico, she has found great camaraderie and wonderful sense of pure purpose and love, which she says permeates the organization.

Michael Salas

Michael Salas, a Videographer and Photographer, fell in love with the process of storytelling through videos and photographs more than eight years ago. He's been privileged to shoot a wide range of events from weddings to Make-A-Wish videos for families, and many other scenarios in between. Michael is proud and humbled to engage in his work with Service Dogs of New Mexico and Cherry Pit Training.