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Frequently Asked Questions

1Do you provide dogs?
Yes. If you need a dog we will help you find a dog appropriate to your needs.
2Can I provide my own dog?
SDNM must assess your dog to determine if they will be able to become a service dog.
3Who trains the service dog?
SDSM uses qualified service dog trainers.
4Who can apply for a service dog?
Anyone who has been approved through our process can apply for a SDNM service dog.
5How does SDNM receive funding?
SDNM is funded through private donations.
6I would like to volunteer. How do I find out more?
Please contact SDNM for volunteer opportunities.
7What if I have another dog in the home?
We will conduct a home assessment to determine if your pet will be compatible with a service dog.
8What type of dogs does Service Dogs of New Mexico work with?
We work with all dog breeds. All of our dogs are assessed for the clients’ individual requirements.
9Are there any age requirements to apply?
Anyone who can benefit from a service dog can apply for one.