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We are proud to provide life-changing services and training for service dog teams, with a special focus on Veterans. Our integrity is our foundation as we partner with fosters, rescues, volunteers and trainers. We continue to make a difference in the health and well-being of our community by educating businesses on issues regarding service animals and the law by conducting comprehensive seminars and classes.

Are you and your employees adequately educated on ADA law?
Protect your business by educating your employees. Our ADA BUSINESS TRAINING is based on requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the New Mexico Disabilities Commission.

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The first step of the process to joining Service Dogs Of New Mexico is to complete your application (include medical documentation). Once this is received and approved, we will schedule your initial Evaluation and Consultation to answer any questions and go over our Service Dog Training Program. You will attend an Orientation covering ADA law, rights and responsibilities and other crucial information for your training and life with your Service Dog. If you already have a dog, our trainer will evaluate their overall temperament and suitability for your disability. If you do not have a dog, we will discuss the type of dog that fits your needs and preferences.

Please download the application, complete forms and follow the instructions to submit completed forms to Service Dogs of New Mexico



Some of our clients have said:

  • What an amazing organization you are! The way in which you work tirelessly to heal Veterans and dogs in need is beautiful! Thank you for your care, compassion, and most of all, for modeling what it truly means to 'give unto others.' You are appreciated.
    Erica Grant
    Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court
  • Bennie, both you and your work/service are AMAZING! A gift to us all, not just to your clients. The world is better off when your clients get the services and experience the growth you provide. Bless you!
    Ken Shaw
  • I am happy to see all the pibbles they work with. Veterans and others who need a service dog would be well served to get with this fine organization.
    Chaz Kraznak
  • I have my service dog but if I ever need another one, I will contact you.  She is a bull terrier pitbull mix she is my heart.
    Dee Constantine
  • Service Dogs of New Mexico is amazing! They go above and beyond to provide service dogs to not only our Veterans but to others in need of a service dog. They are totally and completely devoted to their mission!!"
    Jan DiMaggio

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Step 3: Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for us to review your application.

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